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Schools and families

I have extensive experience designing and delivering formal school and informal family workshops at museums and galleries including the Art Gallery of Ontario, Lakeland Arts, and Queen's Park


As Learning & Engagement Officer at Lakeland Arts I developed new school programs in partnership with teachers and increased the number of participations in school workshops by 126% over two years, going from 442 students in 2015 to 1001 students in 2017. 


I enjoy working with artists to run special projects with schools. The video below is of the Light Within Project I ran at Blackwell the Arts & Crafts House with Year 10 art students from Kirkbie Kendal School and artists Griet Beyaert and Paul Miller. I worked collaboratively with their teacher Jane MacFarlane to develop in-class content and successfully applied for the Arts Award Access Grant which partially funded the project and supported students in earning their Arts Award Explore


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