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I developed this Arts Award Discover school program at Blackwell the Arts & Crafts House with the help of volunteers and Sally Fallows, education intern.

During the Patterns & Printmaking school workshop, students explore pattern, symmetry and repetition by creating block printed wallpaper inspired by Blackwell the Arts & Crafts House.

Students start by creating their own sketchbook and collecting designs around the house. Students pair up to play the mirror game to introduce symmetry and then look for examples of symmetrical designs around the house. After lunch they work in groups to come up with a theme and every student creates one print block to be part of their collaborative wallpaper design.

Students earn an Arts Award Discover by participating in this full day workshop. There is a strong focus on communication and reflection throughout the day. Students learn about the Arts & Crafts movement while also linking in with the curriculum, with an emphasis on maths and communication.

“This day added a unique richness to our curriculum. The group leaders at Blackwell House asked probing questions that encouraged the children to think much more deeply and look for bigger connections holding all these topics together.”
- Peter Harrison, Headteacher at St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School

Download the Teachers Notes and a pre-visit activity sheet.

Teacher’s Notes:

Download • 692KB

Pre-Visit worksheet:

Download • 1.51MB


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