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Photo credit: Fiona Bailey

As Learning & Engagement Officer at Lakeland Arts, I regularly set up self-guided activities linked to exhibitions at Blackwell, Abbot Hall and Lakeland Museum. One of my favourites was a space I designed at Blackwell for 'The Light Within' exhibition by Griet Beyaert and Paul Miller.

Artists Beyaert and Miller use 3D projection mapping technology to project images and videos onto delicate glass sculptures. I used a regular projector to create an immersive play space where children could experiment with light, shadow, and reflection using mirrors, blocks, plexiglass and different sources of light. The mirrors would cast the projections onto the walls and domed ceiling and the plexiglass created a hologram effect. Children were also encouraged to use materials at a craft table to make shadow puppets and move objects around to create light-scapes. I used antique images from magic lanterns to reference earlier projection technologies that would have been popular when Blackwell the Arts & Crafts House was built.

Everything in the room could be touched, moved, or taken apart. The space was set up during February Half Term, Easter Holidays and May Half Term in 2017.


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